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Acupuncture Assiatant

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[Neo Dr. Inc.]

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AcuPro enables prompt needle application.

Needle application is fast and precise so that the patient is hardly aware of the puncture procedure, because the individual needle is not visible for the patient.

This is especially suitable for children or for timorous (timid) patients.

The AcuPro can be used for all types of acupuncture methods

(body, ear, skull etc.).

There are three types of needle by its thickness (diameter) 0.20mm, 0.25mm, 0.30mm

and also three types by its length : 15mm, 30mm, 40mm.

It is assembled with a cartridge in which there are 60 or 70 pce of needles.

AcuPro Assits you

To save time

- Can save time using disposable cartridge.

- Can change the cartridge easily.

 To reduce patients' pain & fear

- Reduces the patints' pain by fast skin puncture.

- Reduces patients' fear because the needles are not visible for them.

To work aseptically

- Don't need to touch needles during procedure.

- Can keep needle aseptic during acupuncture.

 To work in safety

- Can control the penetration depth easily by using provided control Guides.

- Safety slide prevents accidental needle shooting.

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